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Volume I

Volume I, is subtitled: THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS, and describes the background and fundamentals of the proposed mechanical theory:

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Volume II

Volume II, is subtitled: ASSUMPTIONS AND APPLICATIONS OF THE THEORY OF DYNAMIC INTERACTIONS, and incorporates the new laws of rotational dynamics, and numerous assumptions and examples that are fully justified with the dynamic hypotheses that are proposed:

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About the author

Gabriel Barceló Rico-Avello holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering from the ETSII de Madrid. He did his studies for the degree in Physical Sciences on the U. C. M. Barceló has spent most of his professional career as a civil servant in the Spanish civil administration, entering the Revenue Department as an industrial engineer by public exam. He was appointed a Finance and Tax Inspector, later becoming a State Finance Inspector.

Barceló has written numerous articles and books on technology, business organization and administration, social welfare, revenue, energy and physics. He was granted a 2016 Honorific Mention by the Industrial Engineers’ Association of Madrid (COIIM) for his life’s work. This award not only highlighted his professional achievements, but also his contribution to the social and professional acknowledgement of the engineering profession.

For over thirty-six years now he has been developing a scientific research program into non-inertial dynamic systems.

Gabriel Barceló Rico-AvelloGabriel Barceló Rico-Avello, Autor

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